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Sitting here drinking coffee looking at Facebook and waiting for it to be time to get the girls up. The other day I saw a post about a girl who has a terminal brain tumor and has picked her desired day to die within the laws of Oregon. Today I see another post from another woman, a mother of four, who is also ill, telling her why she shouldn’t want to die. All I could think is you don’t know.

So often you hear people who think ‘well I have such and such to so I must know how and what you feel and your doing it wrong’. Last time I checked we as human beings don’t have the ability to be in someone else’s body and know how the world looks or feels for them.

My best way of explaining this is this…just because I know what it means to live with my chronic illness doesn’t mean I know what it means for someone else. Just because I know what it means to live with my Meniere’s doesn’t mean I know what it means for my friend with the same Illness.

Just because you too suffer, whether with the same disease or not doesn’t mean you know what it’s like for someone else. We cannot experience life through someone else’s body only our own.

I wish more people remembered that and respected that. Don’t assume you know all about someone because you know illness.

On that note don’t assume you know all about a person based on the snapshot you may get of their life.


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