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I have read many facebook posts lately on how you shouldn’t get attached, shouldn’t love, shouldn’t deeply care about the children you work with if you are a care provider and I think this is bunk. I have been working with kids in different ways for over 20 years and I have loved almost every child who’s crossed my path in that time. I only say almost because there are a few that I only cared for once or twice and in that short a time you don’t form that bond.

Whether you are a teacher, a babysitter or a nanny I don’t think you can do your job right if you don’t open your heart to the child you are caring for. Especially when working with little ones, preschool and younger, they are going to love you and I believe you should love them back. True it will hurt when you have to say goodbye but it’ll also strengthen you. When I was teaching I was bummed every time my kiddos moved to the next class. I am sure I annoyed the next teacher telling them about the children they were getting, and after they left my room going and checking up on them to see how they were doing. I never had a child who wasn’t excited to see me in the hall, on the playground, or if I stepped into their classroom, even years, after they left my room. I am still in touch with many of these families years later.

I think this is even more important when Nanning. You are with that child 40, 50 or more hours a week. During the week you spend more waking hours with these children than their parents do. These children will love you unconditionally and deserve to be loved back by you. When I had to leave the first family I ever nannied for I was heartbroken, and so was the family. They made a decision that was awesome for their family but I had become a part of that family, their kids loved me and they knew I loved them. I love that I get to go ‘play’ at least once a month and occasionally get random pictures sent to me.

What I am getting at is it shows in how you do your job if you see it as just a job. It shows if you don’t care about and love the kids you are caring for. The parents know it, the kids know it, everyone knows it. I would do anything for ‘my kiddos’ and their parents know it and therefore I am a star in their book. I may be wrong but I don’t think that you can do all that you need if you don’t open your heart to the kids you work with and their families. So many families are looking for a nanny that will become a part of the family and you can’t do this if you see it as just a job. I think at the heart of the matter all parents really want is to know that their child is being well cared for and loved while they are away.

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